Types of Wrenches & Their Uses [with Pictures]

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Types of Wrenches & Their Uses [with Pictures]
Types of Wrenches

What is Wrench?

Types of Wrenches & Their Uses [with Pictures] :- A wrench is also termed as a spanner tool which is used to provide grip as well as mechanical advantage while applying torque to turn the objects. These are the mechanical devices which are used for turning the objects. There are various types of wrenches which are discussed in detail below. Scroll down to know more.

31 Different Types of Wrenches

1. Socket Wrench: ( Types of Wrenches )

The socket wrench is also termed ass a ratchet which uses a ratcheting mechanism in order to allow quick tightening or loosening the nuts or bolts without removing the wrench from the fastener. This is the type of wrench which is available with some of the most common sizes like 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″, and 1″ drives amongst which you can fit the most appropriate size of socket depending upon the requirement of your site.

In case there is any obstacle found during turning the handle, then you can immediately reverse the course in order to save the object from being damaged and to continue working.

2. Pipe Wrench: ( Types of Wrenches )

Pipe wrench is referred to as that spanner which is used to fasten or dismantle any type of pipes and their fittings. The jaw of this type of mechanical devices is made up of forging tough steel. Its movable jaws are found having flat threads which are cut and on its fixed jaw, the plate is joined with a groove which is present inside it.

A knurled round nut is also installed in this type of groove. By revolving this nut, the movable jaw either increases or reduces the size by movement either upwards or downwards. Here, a spring is also fixed within the fixed and movable jaw in order to give a proper grip of the job. The pipe wrenches are usually found in the sizes 6”, 9” and 18”.

3. Ratcheting Wrench: ( Types of Wrenches )

The ratcheting wrench is found to be quite similar to the combination wrench. This wrench has at least one end inside which is a ratcheting device and allows the user to turn the wrench in order to tighten or loosen without removing or adjusting the position of the wrench handle hits an obstacle after each turn. This feature helps in easy working in the areas with less space.

4. Chain Wrench: ( Types of Wrenches )

Chain wrenches are used in order to fasten or dismantle the pipes or round jobs which are mostly of the larger diameter. Whenever the job is held in the wrench it gets revolved easily. Making of a chain wrench includes of a plate which has cuts in its mouth and is then installed and joined with a rivet. The chain drips is used to make the job very strongly.

5. Torque Wrench: ( Types of Wrenches )

Torque wrenches are the types of wrenches which are manufactured to give a certain amount of torque without overtaking or tightening. This wrenches are used for any automotive work for tightening the wheel lug nuts. A torque wrench can also be used on bicycles, farming equipment or any other site where there is a requirement of tightening the nut or bolt to a particular torque specification which is usually determined by the manufacturer.

6. Oil Filter Wrench: ( Types of Wrenches )

The oil filter wrench is referred to as that which is actually of four different styles and is used primarily in the automotive industry. The chain strap along with the metal strap style filters apply a loop in order to protect the filter casing. There are socket-style filter wrenches which resemble with a cup and consists of chopped parts. These wrenches fit under a filter cap which are used with a ratchet handle.

7. Combination Wrench: ( Types of Wrenches )

The combination wrench is referred to as those which consists of a closed-loop at one end for hexagonal or square nuts and an open U-shape loop at the other end. These types of wrenches are usually used for hard nuts in order to quickly finish the job. Sockets can be one example of a combination wrench which is mostly sold in a kind of wrench sizes.

8. Adjustable Wrench: ( Types of Wrenches )

Adjustable wrenches are the ones which are found having an open end accompanied with a spiral screw which is fixed and opens or closes the crescent one the user turns it. Adjustable wrenches are one of the most common types of wrenches which are easily available in the market and also used by most of the workers. These types of wrenches are also termed as a crescent wrench as it can perform the same basic function as a whole set of combinations or open-ended wrench, but it needs more area as it is found to have bigger size.

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