Types of Screws and Their Uses [with Pictures]

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Types of Screws and Their Uses [with Pictures]

What is Screws?

Types of Screws and Their Uses [with Pictures] :- A Screw is a sharp-pointed short metal pin of certain pitch length with helical threads running round of it. It is used to fasten two pieces together or join them for a desired working. It can fasten any type of piece made of either wood or metal. There are number of types of screws used to fasten various types of parts performing different functions.

It is usually made of metal with sharp point at one end and a head at another end. At the middle section which is known as shank has thread around it from the sharp point to the certain length that is partially of fully covered. To tightened the parts the majority of rotation of screw is towards clockwise direction and a screwdriver is required to perform this action.

Different Types of Screws

  1. Wood Screws
  2. Deck Screws
  3. Drywall Screws
  4. Sheet Metal Screws
  5. Eye Screws
  6. Double Ended Screws
  7. Concrete Screws
  8. Lag Screws
  9. Set Screws
  10. Machine Screws
  11. Security Screws
  12. Hammer Drive Screws
  13. Mirror Screws

1. Wood Screws: ( Types of Screws )

Wood screw is a common type of screw which is made up of brass, steel and bronze material. They are mainly used for wooden applications and very useful to fasten wooden pieces of work. It is very easy to fasten wooden parts by digging them into wood. It is slightly tapered as we move towards head of the screw the diameter of the screw is thicker in comparison of the tip. It comes with both partially or fully covered threads at the shank. The shape of the head of this screw depends upon the various applications.

2. Deck Screws: ( Types of Screws )

They are just like wood screws. These screws are mainly for outdoor applications used in wooden decks. They have a property to resist corrosion and rust like coating due to which they can withstand moisture environment conditions. They are mostly come with partially covered threads with sharp edges and narrow point.

3. Drywall Screws: ( Types of Screws )

Drywall screws are used to fasten drywall panels with soft woods. The have comparatively Hight pitch and length. But they don’t have corrosion resistant property in comparison of deck screws. It is not necessary to pre drill hole as they have self drilling tip which eliminates the pre-drilling.

4. Sheet Metal Screws: ( Types of Screws )

Sheet metal screws is used to fasten hard surfaces as they are able to dig easily into hard metal surfaces. They are mainly used to tighten metal pieces but usable also in plastic, rubber and wooden type of materials. They have various shapes and sized with different head styles like flat, truss, hex, oval, etc. depends upon the applications. They are fully covered with threads with sharp pointing edge. They comes under two categories, In first category pre drilling is required before entering into the material while in second category, self drilling is dominant which does not required pre drilling.

5. Eye Screws: ( Types of Screws )

The eye screw consist with a loop at the top end and the threads running around the shank of the screw. The are very easy to go inside a metal and provides stability and strength so that an object can be easily to pull out or lifted with the help of rope. The eye shape loop are mainly to tie ropes for lifting purposes.

6. Double Ended Screws: ( Types of Screws )

These screws are used to fasten wooden parts or where two pieces are able to spin together. They are headless screws with threads running around at both the ends. They have a combination of either woodless screw or wood screw with machine screw at both ends. These are used to hide the joints. They are easily attachable or detachable with the hands of operator, so they are very easy to use. But in these type of screws, a pre drilled pilot hole required for insertion.

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